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Safety Tip Line

Speak Up, Speak Out Wisconsin
As part of Seeds of Health’s commitment to students’ safety and mental health, we have an anonymous reporting tip line, Speak Up, Speak Out Wisconsin, which will allow students and parents to make anonymous reports about concerns of safety or student wellness. Our program is student-focused, as opposed to crime-focused, meaning it is a tool for alerting school administrators about students who need help. This is part of our continuous effort to increase student safety, and provide students with a safe, completely anonymous outlet to share concerns.

How It Works

Students will download the free Speak Up, Speak Out Wisconsin app to their mobile device. Parents are also encouraged to download the app. When you or your student has a concern you can make a 100% anonymous report in less than five minutes. Students or parents sign in with a 4 digit code which they create, send their report, and may be asked follow-up questions via two-way dialogue text. Students and parents can also make reports via the Speak Up, Speak Out Wisconsin website.

Students can use the Speak Up, Speak Out Wisconsin app and website to report safety or behavior concerns. Reports will be addressed by a trained team of school officials and law enforcement, when necessary.
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If a report is an emergency situation requiring immediate attention, please call 911.

How Speak Up, Speak Out Wisconsin tip line helps our schools

Speak Up, Speak Out Wisconsin helps keep our students and our school safer by:
  • Creating a positive school culture and community
  • Giving students a voice to share concerns
  • Gathering information to then proactively address concerns
  • Preventing tragedies from the personal level to the community level
  • Building trust within our school community
*For complete anonymity, a personal device will need to be used as school devices are monitored per our Acceptable Use Policy

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Download Speak Up, Speak Out Wisconsin App to submit secure & anonymous* tips

Submit a tip online at
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