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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

4.0 units   English/Language Arts
3.0 units   Mathematics
   (This includes courses at or above the level of Algebra 1)
3.0 units    Science
   (This includes content and laboratory studies in the physical, biological and chemical sciences)
3.0 units    Social Studies
   1 unit of    U.S. History
   1 unit of    World History, World Geography or World Studies
   1 unit of    Urban Citizenship (grade 9-10) or
   0.5 units of American Government and
   0.5 units of Economics (grade 11-12)
1.5 units    Physical Education
1.0 units    Fine Arts
0.5 units    Health
0.01 units    Community Service, Learning Service experience, online course, or service learning
2.0 units    Electives

Units required to be promoted at the end of the school year:
  • 9th grade student (freshman) – fewer than 5 units
  • 10th grade student (sophomore) – 5 units or more
  • 11th grade student (junior) – 10 units or more
  • 12th grade student (senior) – 16 units or more

Additional Information

The curriculum at Grandview High School meets the MPS requirements for high school graduation.
In addition to the credit requirement, seniors must complete a Career Cruising Portfolio prior to graduation. The portfolio consists of post graduation planning and preparation activities to help them be as prepared for life after graduation. Activities include: career exploration, college tours, and, important documents that will be required of them as adults.
Students are also required to pass the Civics test in order to graduate.
Students are eligible to attend MPS Summer School Program.