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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Friends,

Since opening its doors in 1987, Grandview has continued to provide an education that offers "at risk" students opportunities as they enter the adult world.  With an MPS diploma, our goal is to help our students either enter the workforce immediately or go on to pursue post-secondary education.  Our students come to us behind in credits due to a variety of reasons.  Because we offer a credit-recovery program by blending traditional classes with online classes, our students are able to catch up in both skills and credits.  Our rigorous curriculum meets all expected MPS and state standards which is taught by highly qualified teachers who deliver student-specific instruction. In order to ensure that our students are making progress, we use state, local and in house assessments to regularly assess their growth and design our classes to meet their specific needs. Our dedicated teachers and staff work to deliver quality instruction and serve as mentors to each student who comes into the building to assist them with academic needs, as well as their social and emotional needs.

We include our families in their student’s education through emails, teacher webpages, calls, conferences and letters.  We know that it takes a community to graduate a student and here at Grandview each student is offered a safe, supportive and respectful environment where learning is the focus and success is the result.  Enroll in Grandview and begin your journey towards your diploma today!

Tina Wozniak, Principal

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